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Casting Your Net

J3 builds out your brand and supporting messaging tailored to deliver what your customers and people need and want. Did you know that your values when properly disseminated into a a solid brand promise grab and retain almost an 80% of the people that seek you? Without question the decisions and intentions of your outreach efforts are valuable and J3 id here to help.

You and/or your services are a brand and its important that everything you create, from your logo and products to your videos and articles point to and elicit those values.  The colors you choose, the words you write, your materials, your look and more are all influenced by your brand values.  So let J3 help you discover what those values are and how to deliver them across everything you do. That’s how you connect and deliver!


Market Research

How your customers respond to your brand or product provides important and relevant insights.

Brand Identity

Finding the right voice and tone for visual and verbal expression. Brand Identity is shorthand for your values.

Web Development

Today more than ever your website and branding values are the first point of interaction in todays markets. 

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy services identify key attributes that you want to own in the minds of customers and other audiences.  

Brand Communication

Brand communication engages people in relative ways.  It is motivational and sustainable over time.


Nothing delivers better than video. It shows product, demostrates values and puts a face on everything you do.

Once we know brand values, we can get creative, finding the right voice and tone for visual expression. We provide clients with the tools and guidance for all the various ways they need to communicate their brand identity to the world.

Our Work

Our work crosses diciplines, media and more but we also ensure it serves one purpose – Telling Your Story

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