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It’s a digital revolution. Are you in it to win it?

 J3 – Media – Marketing – Meaning

I have been in the creative design and marketing field since ink was printed on paper. I am passionate about design and have created everything from simple signage to complex brands, packaging and products.

Thats the most important thing – telling my clients stories. Stories are what people connect with, are entertained by, motivated and driven by. So helping my clients develop and tell their stories is the aim  and motivating factor for communicating with others in the new realm of digital marketing.

Some say life works in circles and that we have to go around a time or two before we grasp the lessons needed to live and grow in the best way for our own energies. There may be some truth somewhere in there for I have never looked back and have embraced my own inspirations, talents and how to put them to work for my clients and their unique stories.

We have so many ways to tell our stories and I harness the tried and tested skills of words, text, graphics, and design, but I also encourage my clients to embrace the next realm of marketing which is video and video content.

Its exciting times and if you pay close attention there are some exciting stories to be told now and in the future.

I think my ability to bring so many disciplines together from traditional methods to newer media  is a strength in today’s ever-changing world.

My Skills

I create for individuals, big & small companies, video shooting, video editing, video content and  app integration. I even help companies build their content strategy, drive client information and create their entire branding and content strategy.

In the last few years J3 Media has entered into and become a mover and shaker in the world of video content and delivery. Nothing can tell your unique story, product benefits and company values better than video.

  • Director of Videography
  • Video Editing and Coloring
  • Content Strategy
  • Branding Strategies

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