I feel strongly that we all were born with a talent – often unseen and untapped – but talent that goes unnoticed since it may just fall outside the realm of the traditional definition of artistry. Maybe we just need to be creative with our definition of creativity.

What Do You Do Well? We all do have something special. In fact, it’s so personal and ingrained that you probably use it/do it/embody it everyday. Are you a fabulous organizer (of people or things)? Do you make people laugh? Can you make a mean cocktail? These are all talents, but I bet you don’t even regard them that way. Why? Because they come naturally to you—they just are you. Realizing these gifts is a first step to finding your natural creativity.

What Makes You Different? Once you begin to acknowledge some of your inherent talents – think about how you make them individual to you? Yes, that is you. You are a person who has special gifts that are peculiar only to you. Maybe your ability to make others laugh makes you a really thoughtful and effective communicator to whom people listen. Or your OCD organization helps you to bring people together for a common cause. Or your love of reading makes you an exquisite conversationalist. Your difference is what makes you capable of something special!

What Makes You Feel Alive? Think about the moments when you feel sweet, at peace, encouraged – full. You can’t purchase it, eat it or drink it. No – this feeling is one you feel deeply – in your being. When or where do you feel it? Is it when you are hiking? When you are volunteering at a shelter or with children? It’s different for everyone.

Evolve. By seeing and using what comes to us, we are tapping into our own very unique and personal brilliance. Our own form of creativity. We don’t have to sit down at an easel or pound out a manuscript – we can each be creative in what we do everyday. If you make people laugh—don’t be afraid to lighten up your office with your humor. People will noticeably feel happier in your presence, and they don’t even know why. If you are a supreme organizer, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask to help with a fundraiser or at an organization that could use your help. Your passion will be contagious.

Try New Stuff. Introduce yourself to new ideas, places, people or things that you would never have thought you might enjoy. Once you let yourself do and be what you naturally enjoy and are good at, new ideas will be drawn to you and you to them. The best part about it is the affect you will have on everyone around you. Because what you are doing or saying or how you are acting is fun for you – you make it fun for everyone else. And guess what? All of that will inspire their innate creativity too. Sweet.

The point is that we are all creative. We can put our individual mark on what we do everyday just by using our respective gifts. We can all create a life that is amazing and alive and really fulfilling by just adding our flavor to everything we do and to our interaction with all of those around us.