Panasonic was the first company to embrace mirrorless camera video. Finally, videographers had a (reasonably) large sensor camera that could handle autofocus, external microphones and 1080p video. The company raised the bar with each subsequent model, introducing 4K video with the G7 and internal 10-bit 4K with the GH5.

Panasonic has made a gutsy move by launching a mirrorless camera that prioritizes video in a way that none of its rivals have with the newly released GH5s. As a fan of large-sensor video, I was curious to test it out, especially for low-light shooting. My conclusion? It produces the best video of any mirrorless camera on the market. But many folks considering it – like documentary makers, event videographers and vloggers will likely prefer the GH5, which has built-in stabilization and costs $400 less.

However if you’re in the market for a camera that is focused on video, is ahead of the curve in low light performance and resolution the GH5s is certainly a worthy contender and value for what you get.


• Best 4K video quality of any mirrorless camera
• Superb resolution and frame rates
• Excellent low-light capability
• Handles very well for video and photography


• Low-resolution sensor for photography
• No in-body optical stabilization
• Lack of phase-detect autofocus

Panasonic’s GH5s mirrorless camera sets a new standard for mirrorless video. The multi-aspect sensor enables high-quality, 10-bit Cinema 4K video with a wider field of view than the GH5, while offering much-improved low-light shooting. It’s not ideal for vloggers and photographers, though, as it lacks in-body stabilization and has just 10.2 megapixels of resolution which is superb for video but falls apart for serious photography.