With the frenzied changes in the digital world, the realm of the design industry has shifted drastically. Now and then, you can observe a plethora of new designs trends capturing the market. Not to mention, the artistic level of the graphic designers has amplified to the core. Amid everything changing so fast, it is essential for the designers and the teams working with them to keep in line with the latest design trends. Though some of the patterns will hold positions for a long time, there are a few new ones that will be demanded in the market soon.

1. Bold is Better
We know, people don’t care much about fonts and their styles. But, when it comes to graphic designing, fonts play a significant role in the whole outlook. They are not used just to make the design look pretty but to communicate the message. Which is why the choice has to be smart! Interestingly enough, the bold font makes the selection easier. If you come across social media feeds, you will find most of the posts, infographics and even posters created with bold fonts. The reason behind this trend is that bold font grabs the reader’s attention. They are easy to read, dominant and more out there which is making it a popular graphic design trend for 2019.

2. Contrasting Colors Palettes are Trendy
Surely, vivid colors are one way to go, but different colors or light & dark color themes are currently ruling the design industry. For a simple reason, the different color palettes make the graphic design stand out.
It draws the viewer’s attention point by point. All the vital information can be highlighted easily in a clear and concise frame. Imagine a webpage with a black background designed in neon shades of green. Sounds fascinating, right?

Well, that’s the beauty of choosing light & dark color themes. Brands like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc., are also adopting this design trend across different devices and avenues.

3. Free-Hand Doodles & Illustrations Will Win the Game
Fun, creative and captivating, Free-Hand Doodles & Illustrations are the talks of the town when it comes to graphic designing. Whether you are designing a company’s logo, PPT, poster or simply an info-graphic, illustrations and doodles are an expressive way to do it. Companies like MailChimp, Asana, Etsy, Headspace, etc., are making this graphic design trend more and more popular. If you scroll through the websites, you will find their designs memorable and the placement of information very well-thought out.

4. Flying & Floating Elements Makes Design Interactive
With the integration of subtle movements in the websites, graphics, logos, and layouts, you can really amplify the user-experience. The addition of moving elements not only brings an X-factor to the appearance but also brings value to the design. It is where you can maximize the element of surprise for your audience. Websites like Blacknegative, Cyclemon, PolishChristmas, etc., depict a fantastic blend of interactive design with a strong brand message. It is fair to say that this design trend will soon be demanded more in 2019.

5. Minimalism Is the New Strategy
Though most of the people have this ideology that the more we express to the customers, the higher will be the conversion rate. Well, it was right a while ago. But, in today’s fast-paced environment, displaying less is more.
The audience today looks for a definite purpose and objective. They don’t want to be riled up in long texts or cluttered designs. A clean, structured and functional layout is all that pleases them which is why keeping it minimal is the new graphic design strategy. Websites like Evoulve, LeenHeyne, MikiyaKobayashi, etc., are perfect examples of minimalist design.

In Conclusion
So, now that you are all caught with the latest 2019 graphic design trends make sure to use them for better user experience and high conversion rate. Besides, if you looking to design something for your team, business or product then drop me a line. At the least you will learn something and and at best you will gain exactly what you are looking for!